“When we first went there in the early 1950's, it was already the climbers' camp — a spot dotted with large boulders and with campsites in irregular places. I guess the Park Service thought it was good enough for climbers. They were right. We loved the boulders and were happy to have a spot on the ground to throw our sleeping bags. We could find a table for our campsite, and if we didn't like where it was we would move it. Camp 4 was our home...”

Royal Robbins (Camp 4 in Yosemite)


Let’s talk about local. Uber-local. Travel about 1.4 miles North East from Camp 4 Wine Cafe, towards Magnolia avenue and you may just hear a few of the hives of “Her Majesties Secret Beekepper”, abuzz with busy bees fetching pollen from the wildflowers that so abundantly populate the college area neighborhood. “These are the Girls” Priscilla says with an air of excitement as she marches forward with a smile I can hear in her voice.  We stop in front of what looks like a couple of wooden boxes, and sounds like exactly what it is; a box full of bees […]

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